NEWS: Great Wall Motors

Start of Production in Yongchuan

After a record-breaking construction period of just one year, Great Wall Motors started production in Yongchuan on  August 30th, 2019. The new plant is the fifth integrated car plant of the GWM-Group. As the first model a pick-up truck run off the assembly line, witnessed by the proud staff and invited guests.




The intelligent manufacturing hub in China’s booming West

Invest in the growth region no. 1 in China

With 9.3% GDP growth in 2017, Chongqing remains the fastest growing region in China. The year before, 3.16 m cars were produced in Chongqing - more than in most countries worldwide. The city is also named the "laptop capital" of the world and boasts a broad industrial base from machinery to chemicals.

Yongchuan district is strategically located in the Chongqing - Chengdu Economic Zone with 100 m people. Phoenix Lake Industrial Park has been selected as one of the key robot industry clusters in China. The perfect choice for your investment!