Phoenix Lake Industrial Park

The Perfect Choice for Your Investment

Yongchuan Phoenix Lake Industrial Park was established in 2005 and covers an area of 50 km2. 386 companies have settled in the Industrial Park, including renowned international investors such as EMAG Machine Tools, Liebherr and SW from Germany, Italian Fagima or L.K. Group from Hong Kong. Furthermore numerous domestic market leaders operate in Phoenix Lake Industrial Park, from automotive component maker Xiyuan Camshaft, to robotics supplier GSK. Leading comestic and international manufacturers benefit from the unique location of Phoenix Lake Industrial Park and form a unique cluster for high-tech industries.


The Park follows in integrated, comprehensive concept. Manufacturing areas connect and interact with commercial and residential areas, educational and service facilities, as well as generous green belt areas. The leading ideas is to combine industrial and urban development into a convenient and ecological industrial park.


As a national High tech cluster for NC-machine tools and robotics Phoenix Lake Industrial park forms a development base for future technologies: In robotics a national R & D and demonstration area has been established in cooperation with the China Association for Science and Googol Yangtze River Research Institute. The Chongqing 3D-printing innovation center promotes additive manufacturing technologies in cooperation with Xi'an Jiaotong University.


Phoenix Lake Industrial Park offers prime industrial land with complete infrastructure such as roads, power and water, as well as telecom facilities. In addition turnkey, pre-fabricated workshops are available as a cost effective solution to start-up your business smoothly.


Excellent educational facilities ensure the availability of a highly skiller labour force. Within a radius of less than 10 km there are 3 universities, 17 R&D and technical institutes, as well as 22 vocational training centers, providing over 40,000 skilled workers, technicians and engineers annually.


Last but not least: The dedicated team of the Park's administration supports investors as a one-stop contact point and endeavours to create an efficient and beneficial business environment.